Laposa Badacsonyi Nagy-Somlói Juhfark Selection 2015

Afbeeling Laposa Badacsonyi Nagy-Somlói Juhfark Selection 2015
„The best wines were produced on the Vásárhely side, but also on the southern slope the most valuable is the centre, that’s why it was called the heart, the kidney, the Golden Hill.” – Hundred Hungarian villages, Somlóvásárhely This Golden Hill Juhfark is also a member of our most beautiful vineyard selection series. The origin of the grapes, is special as it is, a bit further from Badacsony, from the slopes of Somló. Juhfark (Sheep’s Tail) is one of the oldest grape varieties in the country. The name comes from the long, rolled bunch reminding of a sheep’s tail. They also call it the wine for wedding-nights because Maria Theresa ordered the Habsburg dukes to drink it, to make sure they would get boys...

In the heart of Somló Golden Hill, on the southern side , secures an excellent place for the vines. At the dawn, we give special attention to pick the bunches and choose the perfect ones. Weather was amazing in 2017 so we can celebrate an outstanding vintage. A real speciality was born with deep yellow colour and crispy minerality that goes to your heart already at the first sip. It shows the best form after 2-3 years so timing is just perfect!
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Soort wijn Rosé
Jaar 2019
Wijnhuis Laposa

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